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Photo Guide in Photo Album. Photo Guide to See and Take Better Pictures.

Photo guide to see and take better pictures adopts a practical approach to help you master photographic skills and techniques. Photo Guide to use the various skills to make a good photograph. Photo Album covers a wide range of photographic genres, including portraiture, still life, landscape,architecture, wedding, modeling and fashion and more.

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The camera is a tool with which the photographer expresses his creativity: emphasize the human approach and the importance of the individual eye; take pictures of good technical quality; interpret and communicate through the medium of photography. There's little skill involved in pointing a camera at a subject and taking a picture. But to produce consistently good shots, you must be aware of the controlling factors: the time of day; the quality and direction of the light; the type of film, lens and camera; the length of exposure; the camera angle; and most important; the decisive moment of releasing the shutter. Our aim is not to display photographs and make artistic claims for them; it is to encourage you to develop your own skill and insight and to make you more aware of the creative choices that are involved every time you take a picture.

glamour portrait
Modeling and Fashion
Wedding picture with limo
Weddings and Events
pet portrait photography
Pet Portrait
Photo of Flamenco Dancer
Performing Arts
Architectural photography
Architecture and Landscape
Corporate event photography
Corporate Event
Industrial Photography
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