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Photographing Wildlife

sleeping lioness

When photographing animals, your camera technique will be largely dictated by the nature of your subject. Most animals are timid, so a fast film and shutter speed are often necessary; a camera with a quiet shutter will avoid frightening animals.

Many birds found in gardens and lakesides have developed a tolerance of people and can be easily photographed. However, it is best to assume that all wild birds will be cautious. To avoid scaring birds, keep out of sight and make as little noise as possible.

Nesting birds
You cannot approach too close to nesting birds since they may damage the eggs or even abandon the nest.

Professional tip
Bring out the color of your animal subject by includeing contrasting vegetation in the shot.

The best time to photograph flowers, away from the controlled environment of the studio, is the early morning when they are freshest. Avoid photographing them at midday, or in the afternoon.

Perrot   Polar Bear   Sleeping Bird

Rainbow and Palm Trees

Baby Avocado Tree     Yellow Rose

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