Well composed posed photographs

Traditional Wedding Portrait

Traditional portrait photography is characterized by careful attention to lighting, composition, background and posing. The goal of the portrait is to display subjects at their best in a formal setting. Traditional wedding pictures or wedding formals include a studio setup, or portrait session at some location where lighting and posing are carefully controlled. Wedding formals do not include any posed picture, but elegant, carefully-staged, so that all of its elements contribute to the composition.
Bride alone Bride close-up Bride and Flower Bride and Flower
It is a must to make every bride to look like a supermodel! Formals of the bride alone are often the centerpicece of the entire day. Every misplaced flower petal and lock of hair will be proudly displayed by the brides family. Traditional bridal close-ups are often framed, this picture will probably be in someone's wallet for a long time.
bride and bridesmaids
Btride with Bridesmaids
and the maid of honor
is a must picture.
Lladro Posed picture Rolls-Royce
Posed pictures donít have to look posed. Occasionally, a couple will want to have a highly formal look to their wedding pictures, with straight-back poses and serious expressions. However, many couples today want lightness and friendliness in their wedding pictures, expressing a more-relaxed lifestyle and conveying a natural happiness in each other and with their wedding guests.

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All pictures used on this web site were taken during weddings when bride and groom were not the trained models, but people just like yourself photographed by Horizon Mark Video and Photography on their wedding day.

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