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Customer Satisfaction Warranty

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With this agreement the video and photo studio agrees to redo or edit any defected or technically unsuitable product due to edditing and printing at the time of pick up by customer. This does not include edited events in the wedding that was not specified before the wedding or during the wedding.

Customer agrees to provide any material and instruction that needs to be a part of the video at least one week before the wedding or if otherwise specified.

Switching the sequence of the events is not a part of the normal editing. Any editing after the pick up of the video such as cutting, adding, switching events, or music will be subject to extra charge of $75.00 per hour.

For the best quality provide the CD for music and pictures with min. size 3x5.

To honor the warranty the customer agrees to follow the instructions and proved access and time for videographer and photographer. The videographer and photographer should be able to use light electricity and move things around to be able to produce a good quality video and photo, to deny that will void the warranty.

All wedding videos outside this guide line will be edited to the studios artistic standards and choice of music. Video and photo studio is not responsible for the videos six months after the weddings. Any editing will take at least 2 weeks.

This warranty protects consumer against quality and workmanship of the product sold from this studio up to 1 year. This does not apply to taste and artistic differences.

Photo studio takes responsibility for all technical problems such as dark, light, not focus, moving image and etc. And warrants that amount of photograph proofs promised in the contract will be delivered to client.

Photo studio can keep this promise only if the customer cooperates during photo shoots.

Studio must have control and access over coordinator, caterer, dj , etc. To produce the best artistic quality and desired effect.

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