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Every wedding deserves a photographer. The following information will assist you in hiring the perfect professional for your wedding photography.

Professional photographers have studied their craft for years. Their knowledge of cameras, light, lenses and balance is joined with patience, timing and an artful eye.

To make sure you get the photographer you want for the wedding you are planning, begin the selection process early. Understand, that photographers specialize in various styles and prefer specific types of events such as bridal, product and advertising photography, team photos and sporting events and others.

Hiring a professional for your wedding photography over the phone without viewing the work in not a good idea. Questions you will want to ask the photographer during interviews are:

Provide the photographer with a list of people he/she must get photographs of, and a knowledgeable person or two to guide him/her through the guests.

Most wedding photography contracts include the photographer's right to use your photos for promotional purposes.

A professional photographer's work is copyrighted. No one may use these photos without his/her expressed permission. Credit must be given.

Cameras can range from medium format to an automatic camera. Many photographers prefer a 35mm for candid shots and Hasselblatt-like medium format camera Bronica and Rolli for portraits.

Wedding photography requires specific questions. When interviewing wedding photographers, ask:

Contact the wedding photographer a few weeks before the wedding and go over addresses and phone numbers, when bridal dressing will be complete and where you are dressing, (if you want wedding photography include photos at that time), for group shots, etc., exactly where they will be taken.

H.M. Video and Photography studio is located in Bay Area California. Locate Bay Area location from our contact page. Our professional photographers and videographers will travel to any location in Bay Area to your wedding or event.

Wedding Video and Photo Reservations

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